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June 16th, 2017

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preliminary program

Eva LettnerChillBill

Paint the Web with CSS. On Creating Art with Code

Eva Lettner

As developers we view code as one thing: a tool to build our projects with. But what if I told you that it can be so much more: CSS can be a paintbrush and HTML your canvas. Lets find out what you can do by misusing a technology you might already know well. In this talk you will learn the basics of creating pure CSS images and animations. You will find out everything about shapes, how to use less markup and why gradients are not just pretty, but pretty useful too. All these learnings will be brought into real life projects to show that nothing you create for fun has to be useless. This talk will hopefully inspire you to view code differently and maybe even to create your own CSS drawings.

Patrick KettnerMicrosoft

Creating Magic With Houdini

Patrick Kettner

Since the dawn of (internet) time, web developers have been at the mercy of browsers when it comes to features. But what if the black magic they use to create new HTML and CSS properties were given to you? Thats exactly what the Houdini working group is working to provide web developers today! In a futuristic, code heavy session I will show how in the not too distant future, you will be able to create your own custom browser features using low level APIs never before available to developers.

Anton SheinYandex

Designing Data-Driven Products. Controlled Chaos and Evolution

Anton Shein

Designing large-scale products require a balance between stability and innovations. The component-based approach makes this task easier. However standard tools for designers are poorly suited for it. I’ll share the experience of designing Search Engine Results Page of Yandex. And I’ll tell you why all designers in our team are able to work with the code.

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