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Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman
Una Kravets Bustle
Una Kravets

CSS Today & Tomorrow

CSS has gone through so many changes in the past few months, let alone years! Let’s go through some tricks we can implement in today’s UI’s and exciting opportunities for the CSS of the future: CSS grid, custom properties, filter effects, text decoration, and Houdini. Be prepared to learn about what CSS had to offer — today and tomorrow.

Sergei Kriger SinnerSchrader
Sergei Kriger

Accessibility Testing with a Screen Reader

Screen reader is the most popular tool used by people with visual impairments to browse the Web. As a rule screen readers have a quite high learning curve due to their complexity and different (non-visual) approach of getting information. Let’s figure out best practices of navigating web pages with a screen reader, learn how to use those practices for accessibility testing on both macOS and Windows and understand how to avoid the most common pitfalls when getting started using a screen reader.

Mathieu Henri Microsoft
Mathieu Henri

Ready, Set, Go! Live Coding an Action Game from Scratch

Action games like Lunar Lander or Geometry Wars are super addictive. It turns out they are also really fun to write. What better way to learn a few tricks of the web platform than to livecode an action game from scratch with ES6, Canvas, …without framework or libraries? Ready, set, go!

Lisi Linhart
Lisi Linhart

From Pen & Paper to SVG Animations. An Illustration Adventure

For decades drawing has allowed us to tell captivating stories with only a simple medium like pen and paper. But why stop at pen and paper, when we have an amazing medium like the web, that allows us to turn handdrawn sketches into beautiful interactive and animated SVG illustrations. This talk will explain how art and coding have many similarities and why creating a clear cut between developers and designers can be limiting. We will explore what SVG is and how we can utilise it to turn our illustrations into code. Finally we’ll sprinkle some animation techniques on top to create a delightful interactive illustration in the browser.

Andrey Sitnik
Andrey Sitnik

PostCSS Best Practice

PostCSS has been a huge success: starting from Autoprefixer it has changed the way we think about CSS. Now we can shape styles in any way possible, try new ideas and make great tools. And while the number of PostCSS plugins and use cases is growing there are some things that could be improved. Common mistakes and best practices for plugin authors from the creator itself.

11 more to come…

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