If you do need a visa, pitercss_conf is happy to provide a document for you to join us :)

Here some useful information about visa to Russia. Also you can ask us any question:

Visa invitation

To apply for the visa you will need an invitation from the Organizing Authority.

To receive your invitation letter please contact Anna Dudina —

Please submit following information for us to provide you with the invitation letter:

The visa invitation will be in Russian language as requested by the Russian Embassy.

To process a Russian visa in a foreign country, you need to have legal residence in the country for more than 90 days, either for work, studies, etc. In case you are a tourist, you will most likely not be able to obtain visas and you will have to return to your country to do the proceeding.

Once you receive the invitation letter you are ready to apply for Russian visa.

We recommend you to check the Russian Visa Center website. It is very useful. You can find there contacts of Russian consulates and visa centers in your country, process of applying, cost of the visa.